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Enteric fermentation

Enteric fermentation is a digestive process by which carbohydrates are broken down by microorganisms into simple molecules for absorption into the bloodstream of an animal.

Enteric fermentation

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    The Green House is a sustainability consulting firm with experience working on energy, climate change and sustainability-related projects including climate policy development, strategic energy and climate planning, technology assessment, emissions modelling, and life cycle assessment. The Green House has experience in sectors including electricity supply, urban systems, transport, bioenergy, biofuels, industry, commerce, agriculture, food, retail, municipal waste management, mining and minerals.

  • A Modified Biogas Generator in Cow farm and Rural Area of Developing Countries

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    Biogas as a source of renewable energy can be produced from variety of organic materials such as agricultural residue, animal manure, municipal wastewater, etc. Anaerobic digestion of organic material is decomposing of organic content in the absence of oxygen. In this procedure organic material is decomposed by bacteria to variety of end product in which the main gasses are Methane and Carbon dioxide.