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Dietary changes

Dietary changes

  • Shifting diets: Toward a sustainable food future

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    A global convergence toward Western-style diets that are high in calories, protein, and animal-based foods poses challenges for food security and sustainability. To quantify the benefits of shifting these consumers to more sustainable diets, several possible diet shifts are modeled. A framework is proposed to tackle the crucial question of how to shift people’s diets through the retail and food services sector.

  • Production of Milk Protein Concentrate with Energy and Environmental Savings and Reduced Equipment Needs


    Skim milk powder which consists of lactose protein and other small nutrients provides a means for storing and moving surplus skim milk. It conventionally has been used for protein fortification of formulated food products. However the use of skim milk powder in many food applications is limited because its high lactose content can potentially jeopardize the quality of the final product through lactose crystallization. Milk protein concentrate provides an alternative dried milk protein product.

  • The Green House

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    The Green House is a sustainability consulting firm with experience working on energy, climate change and sustainability-related projects including climate policy development, strategic energy and climate planning, technology assessment, emissions modelling, and life cycle assessment. The Green House has experience in sectors including electricity supply, urban systems, transport, bioenergy, biofuels, industry, commerce, agriculture, food, retail, municipal waste management, mining and minerals.