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Czech Republic

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    The 193 individual country profiles capture the status and progress of all UN Member States, and the 80+ indicators include a wealth of information on child, adolescent and adult anthropometry and nutritional status, in addition to intervention coverage, food supply, economics, and demography. This tool is particularly useful for nutrition champions at the country-level, as it presents a wide range of evidence needed to assess country progress in improving nutrition and nutrition-related outcomes.

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    The role of women in environmental decision-making has yet to be properly evaluated. This publication reports on the regional seminar and project ?Gender Mainstreaming Policy into the Framework of 'Environment for Europe' Process". It highlights the problem of women's access to and control over resources ignored by the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), and the lack of attention given to gender issues in the UN Economic Commission for Europe.

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    Identify network and assist qualified new and existing sustainable energy SMEs to achieve sustained profitability in developing markets