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Black liquor

In industrial chemistry, black liquor is the waste product from the kraft process when digesting pulpwood into paper pulp removing lignin, hemicelluloses and other extractives from the wood to free the cellulose fibers.The equivalent material in the sulfite process is usually called brown liquor, but the terms red liquor, thick liquor and sulfite liquor are also used.

Black liquor

  • Valorisation Énergétique des Huiles de Vidange par Incino-gazeification

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    L’industrialisation des pays en voie de développement engendre l’augmentation des déchets liquides que sont les huiles de vidange, tout en se heurtant au problème de déficit énergétique. D’autre part, elle s’accompagne d’une forte croissance démographique qui accentue et augmente la quantité de déchets, particulièrement les déchets ménagers solides. Ce qui constitue une réelle menace pour l’environnement et les populations.

  • Atlaspower, Unipessoal, Lda

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    Atlaspower is a company established in 2013 by Vitor Ribeiro, after 30 years working on the power, environmental and chemical recovery sectors of the Portuguese and Spanish pulp and paper heavy industry. Atlaspower's main targets are:

    1. The development of power and energy efficiency projects, acting as IPP and/or ESCO, according to the circumstances, initially in the Iberian market, and specifically in Portugal, but the soonest extending this activity to Africa, beginning with Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and São Tomé e Principe; and