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Official name: 

United Mexican States

Country income: 
Upper-middle-income economies
UNFCCC Annex 1 status: 
Non Annex 1 Party to the Convention

Mexico (2014)

Energy profile
  • Mexico: El Sector Agropecuario ante el Desafio del Cambio Climatico

    Publication date: 
    Sunday 8 January 2012

    In Mexico agricultural activities are very important in rural areas as a source of income and food supplier. Examples of major projected impacts for the agricultural sector in relation to the variation of temperature are decreased crop yields in warmer environment due to stress caused by heat, increased pests and diseases, increased devastating fires, the reduction in water supply and water quality problems and algal blooms.

  • Gender, Water, and Climate Change in Sonora, Mexico: implications for policies and programmes on agricultural income-generation

    Publication date: 
    Thursday 1 January 2009

    This study seeks to understand the threat of climate change for female farmers in two Mexican communities (Terrenate, population 343, and San Ignacio, population 720) in the northern Mexican state of Sonora.

  • TV203-1.9 Helvex


    Faucet for Hospital, Electronics for Wall Lavatory of Batteries.
    Operates with 6V Lithium Battery
    Includes Setting Kit
    Check Valve with Filter
    Includes Setting Kit for Stainless Steel Lavatory
    Swivel Spout
    Features Infrared Sensor
    12 s Time Tolerance 20% ±

  • TV190-1.9 -Helvex


    Lavatory Faucet Single Proximity Electronics Battery Nimbus 1.9
    Operates with 6V Lithium Battery_x000D_
    Includes Setting Kit_x000D_
    Check Valve with Filter_x000D_
    Requires Ground Connection_x000D_
    Includes Spare Grounding Wire_x000D_
    After 12 Seconds, the Water Flow will Automatically_x000D_
    Shutdown and Begin Working After 10 Second

  • TV121-1.9 - Helvex


    Wall timer washer key.
    Automatic closing
    Adjustable Activation Time
    Button with Antibacterial Coating
    Adjustable Closing Time from 5 to 13 sec.
    LEED certification

    Connection: ½ -14 NTP
    Working Pressure: Pmin = 1.0 Kg / cm² (14.22 PSI)
    Pmax = 6.0 Kg / cm² (85.34 PSI)
    Expense: 1.9 lpm (0.5gpm)

  • TERMOCRET - Termolita


    It is an aggregate of special expanded mineral pearlite to formulate ultralight concrete.
    Its formulation includes waterproofing additives, which together with the expanded mineral perlite make the mixtures with TERMOCRET concrete with very low density and absorption, besides presenting a high thermal insulation factor.
    Concrete that thermally insulates and eliminates indoor humidity caused by temperature differential in winter.
    Low moisture absorption.
    Reduces the expenditure on electrical energy in buildings.

  • QuietR Duct Liner - Owens Cornings


    Thermo-acoustic insulation presented as a fiberglass blanket, designed to be applied inside air conditioning ducts.
    Absorbs fan and air turbulence noise and reduces popping noises within sheet metal ducts.
    Outstanding thermal and acoustical performance.
    Bacterial and fungal growth resistant with an EPA.
    Registered biocide that helps protect the airstream surface from microbial growth.
    Certified by SCS Global Services to contain a minimum of 53% recycled glass content, 31% pre-consumer and 22% post-consumer._x000D_

  • H-901 - Helvex


    Miura shower and arm.
    Hydraulic device that once installed supplies water for body cleaning.
    The rule  for fixed showers is that the minimum limit is 4 liters/min at low pressure and this product at that pressure discharges 3.52 liters/min and at most does not exceed 10 liters/min, which grants the ecological degree.

    NOM certification

  • H500-8 Helvex


    Automatic sprinkler control valve cleaning with body and brass distributor cap, from where the water comes out.

    Consumption less than or equal to 3.8 liters per minute of low pressure and maximum consumption of 10 liters per minute in medium and high pressure
    LEED Certified.
    Material: BRASS.
    Working Pressure:
    Pmin.=2,84 PSI
    Pmax.=85,34 PSI
    Maximum Consumption: 2,11 gpm

  • Fluxómetro 310-19-0.5 - Helvex


    Flushometer - Water saving device.
    LEED certification.
    Savings: Conventional flushometers discharge 2 to 3 liters per discharge and this product discharges maximum 0.5 liters.

    Flushometer for urinal apparent pedal and
    top spud inlet for 3/4"
    Discharge of 0,15 gallons per flush
    Material: Brass
    Supply connection: 1-11,5 NPT
    Discharge connection: 3/4 - 14 NPSM
    Pmin. = 14,22 psi
    Pmax.= 85,34 psi
    Water consumption: 0,15 gpf