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Official name: 

Republic of Uganda

UN group: 
Least developed countries
Landlocked developing countries
Country income: 
Low-income economies
UNFCCC Annex 1 status: 
Non Annex 1 Party to the Convention

Uganda (2012)

Energy profile
  • Irrigation Systems Agromax


    Irrigation Systems Agromax

    The  Agromax  company  offers a modern selection of sustainable easy-to- use and affordable irrigation solutions to fit the needs of small-scale  large- scale farmer.
    It installs any of its irrigation products on the farm, regardless of where in Uganda it is located. The  system will  include training and extension services provided by  skilled AgroMax agronomists.

  • Green Houses Agromax


    Green Houses Agromax
    The Agromax company  provides tailor made greenhouses to suit the needs of small- and large-scale growers.

    Through a  greenhouse, crops will be protected from damaging pests and diseases that can destroy  farms productivity. The company stocks greenhouses in a variety of sizes and structures, ranging from simple tunnels to shade nets.