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Technology adaptation programme for farmers to minimise the impacts of climate change on coconut lands in Puttalam district in Sri Lanka

Puttalam district contributes to the economy of Sri Lanka through exporting ccrconut and related products. Agriculture which is the most dominant source of livelihoods in this area has endured endless periods of drought and turbulent rainfall. Decrease in annual rainfall, leading to drought conditions, could increase evapotranspiration from soil and plants and deplete stril moisture reserves. Without appropriate measures in Puttalam district, coconut cultivation and productivity would be significantly affected by extreme climate events.

The technical assistance (TA) aims to develop an action plan and associated slrategies to sustain and strengthen coconut production in Puttalam district in response to climate change. Through implementation of the programmes designed by this TA, capacity of coconut growers and other stakeholders in Puttalam district is expected to be enhanced with regards to the use of climate technologies in coconut cultivation. This will result in increasing coconut productivity in the area, contributing to achieving annual coconut production target in Sri Lanka.

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