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Support to the implementation of an integrated project Water-Energy-Livestock for the dairy value chain in the municipalities of Pette and Wina - North Cameroon

Cattle breeding, especially cow breeding, is one of the most widespread economic and social activities in Cameroon. Breeders market the milk produced by the cows. However, due to a lack of storage facilities, processing facilities, or overall due to a low electrification rate, large quantities of milk produced are lost along the dairy value chain. 
Breeders who manage to process and/or conserve this milk using generators, generate greenhouse gas emissions due to the use of gasoline for energy production. Beyond these challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic has further increased the vulnerability of the sector by disrupting the supply chain. In response to these challenges, solutions for sustainable and resilient dairy value chains are available, but need to be commercially accessible and promoted through targeted capacity building. The objective of this mission will be to reduce losses of dairy products both in production and in the process of processing or delivery to points of sale by identifying gaps in current dairy value chains, promoting appropriate technologies and methods for resilient dairy value chains, defining a master plan, building capacity of dairy farmers in the communes of Pétté and Wina and implement a pilot storage and transport unit. 


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