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Strengthening the implementation of climate change adaptation efforts and clean development initiatives among rural communities in Mali

Mali has developed policies, strategies, plans and programs for climate change adaptation and mitigation at decentralized Communal levels. The effective participation of rural populations, particularly women and the youth to this endeavor, is vital for implementing practical and replicable actions on the ground. Achieving the overall objectives of these policies and programs will require appropriate climate technologies in strengthening the resilience of vulnerable communities and attaining clean development goals. With this regard the government of MaIi requested the CTCN technical assistance in the identification of a range of appropriate climate technologies for each of the agro climatic zones of Mali. The technologies to be proposed could be local or any foreign technologies relevant for the Malian context. The CTCN assistance will also serve to develop a tailored and ready-to-use Reference Guide. This guide will provide information on the concepts, approaches, methods and tools as well as an array of technological solutions in the agriculture sector, with some co-benefits in other associated sectors like energy, forestry and water sectors. As the identified technologies are meant to reduce communities vuInerability, this guide will also contain in formation on the typology of hazards, exposure and sensitivity to help the Malian government in the management of disaster risks associated with droughts and floods. The CTCN assistance will serve to design and test a dissemination strategy for the above  mentioned guide. The CTCN assistance will conclude with key recommendations and steps that will help the Malian government in the development of a large scale  funding proposal to encompass activities not covered under this CTCN assistance. The duration of this technical support from the CTCN will be 9 months.

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