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Pre-feasibility study of the use of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of public buildings in the Comoros, with a connection to the network, and the definition of a net metering policy.

This request aims to diagnose the electricity network of the Comoros archipelago and to analyze the capacity of the network to receive and distribute additional energy from renewable sources (mainly solar). Once this diagnosis has been carried out, the technical assistance will analyze the potential of the Comoros archipelago for the deployment of a net metering policy that should facilitate the increase of solar energy on the island. Based on the conclusions obtained during this study, Technical Assistance will formulate the net metering policy to be approved and endorsed by the country. Once this policy is in place, the country will have the basis of the enabling environment for renewable energy deployments. This is why the next step will be to formulate a concept note for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to obtain the sources of financing that will allow the country to move to the phase of installation, implementation, and operation of solar power plants or installations. Finally, a study of the rooftop solar potential that could be deployed on public buildings in the capital of the Moroni archipelago will be carried out in order to meet the needs defined by the country.

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