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Identification of technical practices for climate-smart agriculture (CSA) in Indonesia

The objective of this technical assistance (TA) is to identify and design climate-smart agriculture (CSA) technologies and associated system for enhancing climate change adaptation in agriculture sector in Indonesia. In this TA, two of the indicative technical interventions in agriculture sector included in the National Adaptation Plan (1. The use of sensors that are able to identify water content and soil chemistry on agricultural land and 2.  Automation of watering and fertilizing tools according to land requirements) will be selected, and the associated technologies for such interventions will be identified and prioritised to design an integrated system for CSA practice in the selected area of Indonesia. Market potential and cost-benefit analyses for the deployment of the integrated system will be carried out, and a workshop for national and local governmental officials will be organized to share CSA practices and associated business models investigated in this TA as well as to introduce the integrated system designed through this TA. Outputs from this TA are expected to facilitate implementation and replication of CSA technologies in Indonesia, supporting to achieve the goal and strategies of its National Adaptation Plan.

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