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Developing a national policy for deploying and scaling up E-mobility and supporting sustainable infrastructure in Papua New Guinea

PNG is among the most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate change yet continue to be increasingly dependent on fossil fuels that dominates its Greenhouse Gas emissions. To reduce its energy reliance on the fossil fuel, PNG has enhanced Nationally Determined Contribution that has targets to implement low carbon transport measures through electric mobility. The Nationally Determined Contribution of PNG also mentions about the actions like feasibility study of interventions like electric buses and national policy on electric mobility and the action plan. The climate resilience of the supporting infrastructure for the low carbon transport is also a priority area for climate change adaptation under enhanced NDCs.

CTCN is requested to provide support under its Technical Assistance facility on developing national electric mobility policy and feasibility study on low carbon interventions. The technical assistance will help in conducting a market analysis for the promotion and implementation of low carbon transport through electric vehicles. The outcome of the market analysis will be used to develop draft policy and a roadmap of action plans for the implementation, from which selected action plans will be undertaken for feasibility study like electrification of the fleet of buses and supporting infrastructure in PNG. The TA will adopt a value chain approach with special attentions, made on augmenting the grid with adequate amount of renewable energy and battery management, at end of batteries’ life. The deliverables of the TA will be a report on market analysis, policy recommendations, a roadmap with proposed action plans, feasibility study for the selected action plans, input to leverage fund in future to support the concrete actions and capacity building.

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Papua New Guinea
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