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Developing a national framework for the standardization of stalls and procedures for a climate smart street side vendor throughout The Bahamas

This Technical Assistance (TA) is intended to support the organization of the informal sector of the economy into a more formalized sector, by developing a framework and feasibility study to implement standardization of stalls and a sustainable program for the establishment of open green market spaces for Street Side Vendors. These spaces will provide a whole ecosystem for street vendors to come and utilize that ecosystem and not being on the road, taking them out of the streets, and bringing them to a centralized position. This centralized position would be a kind of 2 green open market spaces. These spaces will provide vendors with renewable energy source electricity, waste disposal facilities, water to clean up, and complete infrastructure with energy efficiency to fill their needs. In addition, green open market spaces will include a storage facility with a freezing facility, so that the food is not wasted, increasing shell life. Finally, a Business model for open green spaces/markets to function effectively will de drafted, including a proposal on what should be the governance structure and policies to lead the vendors towards these areas. The open green market spaces will contribute to improved social and environmental conditions for the community. The overall objective of the technical assistance is to build resilience in the agricultural sector to improve food distribution, and to an extent, improve food security.

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