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Design of Biodiversity Monitoring Network in the context of Climate Change

This project will support Chile's establishment of a Biodiversity Monitoring Network in the context of Climate Change. This monitoring network will strengthen the resilience of ecosystems and the services they provide to help society adapt to climate change. CTCN assistance will focus on the first stage of establishment and operationalization of the Monitoring Network, by supporting design of the system and removal of technical barriers for implementation outputs of the CTCN assistance detailed within the project description below include the design of a monitoring network; standards and protocols for monitoring, information exchange and data management; and a proposal for the formal institutional arrangements as well as requirements for network implementation. This CTCN assistance will also contribute to development of a concept and proposal for funding establishment of the system and long-term operationalization. The CTCN assistance wiil take place over 18 months, starting in Q3 2014, and will involve a diversity of Chilean public and private sector partners, as well as appropriate ‘state-of-the-art’ international technical expertise.

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