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UNEP-DTU Partnership: transport products

  • With DriveNow Carsharing, you simply rent a car when and where you need it. Drive all around your city to wherever you need to get to, and then simply park the car anywhere you want within our DriveNow Zone. DriveNow is available in five German cities and Copenhagen. Drivenow has over 3,000 brand-new models from BMW and MINI in Germany. All of the cars are available  around the clock, and ready to take you quickly and inexpensively from A to B. Drivenow has out of its entire fleet a large number of electric cars.

  • Mobycy is a disruptive bicycle sharing technology platform to solve last mile problem. It helps people cover a short distance without any wait at a very nominal cost. Mobycy is India's first dockless bicycle sharing app. You can pick up a bicycle by scanning QR code through the app, ride and park it sensibly anywhere. Mobycy's vision is to make India a greener & fitter cycling nation.

    Bicycling is a zero carbon mode and it can provide health benefits to the riders. Besides, it can reduce congestion and improve access of people to public transportation.

  • From the house of Hero Electric, India's Largest Electric Vehicle company comes Raahii E-Rickshaw. Raahii is built indigenously with a robust body that requires low maintenance. In addition to a sleek and refined look, attractive interiors, custom fittings and an exceptional finish, it can accommodate four passengers at a time. Its large wheel base and sturdy chassis makes it stable and run smoothly even on sub-standard roads.

  • Aftek Limited is a full spectrum technology services company from India.AFTEK stands for AFfordable TEKnology. Core of Aftek Limited is Aftek technology group. Over last 20 years Aftek has gained significant exposure to variety of technologies.Rich technological capabilities, focused investments in research & development and industry exposure enables us to reach beyond the basic IT services to design and deliver projects, products and implement end-to-end solutions to customers in variety of industries.

  • Ultra pods are rubber-tyred, battery-powered vehicles, easily capable of carrying 4 passengers and their luggage. Compliant with disability legislation and with a total carrying capacity of up to 450kg, the Ultra pods are perfectly suited to accommodate wheelchairs, prams and bicycles. The Ultra system offers security and convenience by providing a non-stop journey that gives passengers exclusive use of their vehicle. Each pod is monitored by CCTV and a dedicated team of controllers are on hand to help at the push of a button.

  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a system that emphasizes priority for rapid movement of buses by securing segragated ways. It works in a similar way to light-rail trains or railbased metros, but it operates intead at street level. The BRT of Curitiba transported around 1.2 million passenger per day when launched in 1974.

  • The system uses data collected by a number of sensors and cameras placed in a number of places all over the city (215 in the case of Rio de Janeiro). By accessing the website of the system, pedestrians and car drivers can obtain information about the traffic situation in real time. Besides contributing to an improved traffic flow and decongestion, it provides useful information for mobility studies, information about accidents and the causes of accidents.

  • Transmilenio is a BRT system that emphasizes priority for rapid movement of buses by securing segregated carriage way for buses. It uses both articulated buses with a carrying capacity of between 150 and 185 and bi-articulated buses with a carrying capacity of around 270 passengers.  These buses are supplemented by feeder buses. The Transmilenio system transported around 1.25 million passengers per day when launched in 2000. 

  • Mobike allows users to see where a bike is available and book it. This is similar to many other bike sharing applications e.g., Drivenow. This can be done by downloading the Mobike Google application. Besides this the application also allows users to access the bikes. This is possible through a device attached to the bike, which enable the unlocking of the bike. The bike can after use be parked in any bike parking within the city.

  • VLT Carioca is an electric tram with a currying capacity of 420 passengers. In contrast to conventional trams, VLT Carioca of Rio de Janeiro has no overhead cable connection but is recharged instead through a number of charging points at ground level. 

    Some of the benefits are:

    1) Zero emissions

    2) Very low noise level

    3) No overhead cables