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DHI: water products

  • Technology, is a  major Israeli irrigation equipment manufacturers Factory Outlet Store. It is an Israeli Irrigation Company, with over 30 years of expertise in Irrigation Projects, Equipment, Consulting and Marketing worldwide.  Irrigation Global will assist the Irrigation Consumers, to choose and purchase the best irrigation Equipment available on-line. Their team of Irrigation Experts will assist the costumer in composing a complete irrigation system. Irrigation planning services are also available.

  • The Hydrostatic Water Consultants (HWC) is working in the field of environment protection and natural resources conservation. They have expertise in Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) Systems, Hydro-geological Surveys and Bore Well Management, as a part of a total RWH Solution. They are a group of a qualified & Competent professionals and have executed more than 110 rainwater harvesting projects in and around Thane and Mumbai districts. HWC is specialized in rainwater harvesting, bore well management, ground water exploration surveys and soil resistivity surveys.

  • Genesis Water Technologies provides sustainable, innovative, and specialized reverse osmosis desalination solutions for both sea water desalination and brackish water desalination. The system solutions are designed, engineered, and built to resolve the need to lower the total dissolved solids levels in source water for drinking water purposes or to be used in a commercial or industrial process such as boiler feed water. The solutions can be provided as a complete water treatment plant solution for potable drinking water, commercial/industrial process water or tertiary waste water reuse.

  • Multiple-effect distillation (MED) is the low temperature thermal process of obtaining fresh water by recovering the vapour of boiling sea water in a sequence of vessels, (called effects) each maintained at a lower temperature than the last. Because the boiling point of water decreases as pressure decreases, the vapour boiled off in one vessel can be used to heat the next one, and only the first one (at the highest pressure) requires an external source of heat.

  • The ePulse condition assessment solution is the industry’s first approach that can identify the condition of both distribution and transmission mains, while simultaneously searching for leaks, without the need for large excavations or service disruptions. ePulse technology has simplified inspection and condition assessment of buried pipeline assets. Inspection and data collection does not require access to the inside of a pipe or extensive support from utility field crews.

  • Precision Meters (Pty) Ltd is a South African based company that provides water metering solutions locally and to the Sub-Saharan Africa region. Together with partner companies they design, develop, manufacture, assemble and support the sale of cutting edge water meters to residential, agricultural, commercial, and water management companies globally. They supply a wide range of water meter products.

  • Technology

    WaterTec can help whether one has a vegetable or berry growing operation, an industrial site, or a dairy, and guarantees the installation of an ideal system to accommodate the needs. For industrial costumers, they will install shared manure and irrigation systems to create a dual purpose system that saves on costs. They will install all parts of a berry or vineyard design, and guarantee an economic and efficient result. WaterTec will install submersible, centrifugal, and gas powered pumps to meet different job needs.

  • Technology

    Water problems are for Acquawise a starting point. Aware of the needs of private and public water suppliers, Acquawise Consulting provides a full range of consulting engineering services. Their skills and expertise along with  strategic partnerships allows them to tailor personalized solutions to the clients' needs in: Water Safety Plans, Drinking Water Supply Management, Regulation and Training.

  • Climate prediction is similar to numerical weather prediction, but the forecasts are for longer periods. Special numerical models are used to alter trace atmospheric gases (carbon dioxide and methane, for example), sea ice and glacier cover, changes in incoming solar radiation, and a host of other parameters. The following climate prediction datasets are avilable. GM2 Global Coupled Climate Models consist of two climate models, which were designed to model the changes in climate over the past century and into the 21st century.

  • Technology

    The Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) is a comprehensive project which assists developing country parties to the UNFCCC to determine their technology priorities for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to climate change. The project is implemented by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and their partnership with Technical University of Denmark (DTU) on behalf of the Global Environment Facility (GEF).