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CTCN events

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Event Country When
High-Level Event on Artificial Intelligence for Climate Action United Arab Emirates 09 December 2023
Fostering innovation through collaborative climate technology RD&D United Arab Emirates 08 December 2023
High-Level event by the COP28 - Uniting for Climate Action: Calling for International Cooperation on Technology and Innovation United Arab Emirates 08 December 2023
Innovative technologies in mitigation and land restoration: Finding solutions for accelerated uptake United Arab Emirates 06 December 2023
Digital readiness of developing countries: how it can accelerate climate action United Arab Emirates 06 December 2023
AFCIA: Sparking Innovation for Climate Change Adaptation United Arab Emirates 05 December 2023
Building capacity for demand-driven technology and innovation in cities 05 December 2023
Gender Just Climate Solutions Annual Awards Ceremony & Publication Launch United Arab Emirates 05 December 2023
On the Pathway to Decarbonize Electricity Grids: SF6 Transparency and Phase-out United Arab Emirates 03 December 2023
Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) at COP28 United Arab Emirates 29 - 12 December 2023
Asia and the Pacific Climate Week (APCW) 2023 Malaysia 12 - 17 November 2023
Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week 2023 Panama 23 - 28 October 2023
Adaptation Futures: Innovation in the face of the power of nature Canada 04 October 2023
Green Hydrogen Technology for System Transformation in Energy and Business & Industry Sectors: Africa 04 - 05 October 2023
Adaptation Futures 2023 Canada 02 - 06 October 2023
22nd CTCN Advisory Board Meeting Germany 22 - 27 September 2023
Bridging Climate Tech: CTCN and UNITAR CIFAL Jeju host a capacity-building training on inclusivity and accessibility to climate technologies for all 07 - 08 September 2023
Africa Climate Week 2023 04 - 08 September 2023
Developing endogenous capacity of climate technology through collaborative RD&D South Korea 24 - 22 November 2023
SF6-free Technologies for Net-zero Energy Systems: Learning Exchange Event Germany 05 - 07 July 2023
Launching the National Circular Economy Strategy for Costa Rica Costa Rica 27 June 2023
Climate Change AI Summer School 23 - 27 July 2023
Regional Green Hydrogen Technology for System Transformation in Energy and Sustainable Mobility Sectors: Asia and Pacific 23 - 26 May 2023
21st CTCN Advisory Board Meeting South Korea 24 - 29 March 2023
Harnessing Technology in the Circular Economy for Climate Action in Africa 28 February 2023
COP27. Energy Conversion Issues and Policy Recommendations from the Perspective of Sustainable Development 17 November 2022
COP27. Eco-Smart Inclusive Governance 17 November 2022
COP27. Accelerating Climate Change Adaptation Action through Innovation 17 November 2022
COP27. Technology Transfer for Climate Action 17 November 2022
COP27. Side Event at Pakistan Pavilion: Integrated approach to Sustainable Transport in Pakistan 16 November 2022
COP27. High-level launch of the Joint Technology Mechanism Work Programme 2023-2027 15 November 2022
COP27. Gender Just Climate Solutions – Showcasing Gender-just climate solutions for an inclusive global action 15 November 2022
COP27. UNEP Special Event: The Emissions Gap Report 2022 15 November 2022
COP27. (Online) Digitalisation for Sustainability: Accelerating Our Sustainability Agenda and the Clean Energy Transition 14 November 2022
COP27. Gender-Just Climate Solutions Awards 14 November 2022
COP27. The future of mobility - Advancing resilient, intelligent, sustainable and equitable mobility systems towards the implementation of the Paris Agreement 14 November 2022
COP27. Partnership for the Transfer, Diffusion of Transformational Adaptation Technologies 12 November 2022
COP27. Climate Action Frontiers: Leading the Change for Women in Agricultural Value Chains 12 November 2022
COP27. Implementation of Technology Needs Assessments of developing countries 12 November 2022
COP27. Build the Future: Inclusive Infrastructure for Climate Action 11 November 2022
COP27. 7th Annual meeting between the Green Climate Fund and the constituted bodies of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 11 November 2022
COP27. Advancing Paris Agreement Implementation and Climate Action through Innovation and Technology 11 November 2022
COP27. Africa Renewable Energy Forum and launch of Africa Innovates (2nd edition) profiling 50 climate champions 10 November 2022
COP27. Technical Session on Technology Needs Assessment 10 November 2022
COP27. Global F-gas Emission Reduction: EU regulatory and technical solutions for SF6-free switchgears 10 November 2022
COP27. Fostering technology innovation to support countries in implementing the Paris Agreement 09 November 2022
COP27. The Metaverse: The Better-Verse for Global Youth Climate Challenges 09 November 2022
COP27. Challenges and Opportunities for Climate Finance in Africa 08 November 2022
COP27. The Next Generation of Climate Tech Entrepreneurs 08 November 2022
COP27. Global ABC event “LC3: a revolutionary low CO2 building material” 08 November 2022