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Climate Technology Opportunity Analytics

In our pursuit to support our stakeholders, CTCN is exploring the potential of technology transfer opportunity analytics dashboards.
These dashboards aim to:

  • provide better selection and follow-up of technology transfer opportunities for NDCs;
  • increase private sector involvement: Project developers, technology providers and the investor community.
With the support of our partners,  CTCN has developed 3 dashboard prototypes. The prototypes are used to test the design and user appetite.
The data presented on the dashboards is based on publicly available datasources from various organisations.

Renewable Energy in Southern Africa

This dashboard provides insights in opportunities for renewable energy technologies, in current and expected use of renewable energy technologies, policies and value chain.

Click this link to open the Renewable Energy in Southern Africa Dashboard

Water in Central America

Water management is crucial for the countries in Central America: access to drinking water and water for irrigation, as well as ensuring water security. This dashboard has been developed in collaboration with DHI with support of CATIE.

Click this link to open the Water Opportunity Dashboard

Energy Efficiency in South East Asia

Rapid growth of use of domestic energy appliances such as air conditioners and refrigirators are driving the need for increased energy efficiency. 

Click this link to open the Energy Efficiency dashboard:

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