Webinar: Sustainable cities – the Copenhagen Story

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- Europe/Copenhagen
Quercus Group

CTCN Network Member, Quercus Group, organised a webinar on "Sustainable cities – the Copenhagen Story: Copenhagen 2025 Climate Plan, Copenhagen Climate Adaptation Plan – and Clusters as a tool for climate adaptation". 

By 2025, Copenhagen aims to become carbon neutral. To reach this ambitious goal, the city council has adopted a comprehensive and targeted carbon reduction master plan that aims to take the city’s CO2 consumption from its current level of around 2.5 million tonnes to under 1.2 million tonnes in less than two decades. Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, found a way to connect and address the climate changes in one master plan – The city’s Climate Adaptation Plan, aiming to prepare Copenhagen for the future by developing the Danish capital as a climate proof, attractive, and green city. The plan is one of two winners in the COMMUNITY category  of INDEX: Award 2013.

The speakers share their practical experience and examples from their leading role the formation of in the Copenhagen 2025 Climate Plan and the Copenhagen Climate Adaptation Plan and cover how a cluster approach can be used to accelerate implementation of cleantech innovation, multi-stakeholder collaboration and climate adaptation.

About the presenters:

Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard: Bo Asmus has throughout his life been deeply personally committed to finding solutions where sustainability and quality of life are combined.

He has had the opportunity to realize some of the solutions as mayor for Copenhagen for several years and chairman/member of a number of major environmental companies. He has been involved in the development of the old worn Copenhagen into a modern city with wind turbines, harbor bath, super bike lanes, 100,000 more trees, climate adaptation and an ambition to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital.

Bo Asmus is today founder and CEO of Greenovation which has advised and facilitated a range of projects such as test and campaigns for electric bikes, study tours for top government representatives about green solutions, green employment projects, courses in political leadership, lectures etc.

Nicolai Sederberg Rottbøll: Nicolai is the CEO of the Quercus Group which he founded in 2012. Quercus Group advises governments, counties and municipalities in cluster development and multi stakeholder projects focusing on green growth, agribusiness and smart cities. He possesses extensive knowledge about the cleantech industry and a large network of Danish and international energy stakeholders. Quercus became member of CTCN in 2015.

Nicolai was one of the main driving forces behind the development of Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, which turned out to be the largest and fastest growing cluster initiative in Danish history. Here, Nicolai served as Head of Secretariat from 2008 – 2012 where he, also initiated the International Cleantech Network (ICN), providing a partnership platform for various international cleantech clusters across Asia, Europe and the USA.

He is the publisher and co-author of several publications on globalization and cleantech.