UNEP-DHI Water Quality Management and Regulation Tools

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11 November 2015 - 4:00 pm > 4:45 pm CET
UNEP-DHI Partnership – Centre on Water and Environment

UNEP-DHI Partnership presents Water Quality Webinar Series

UNEP-DHI Partnership presents a series of 6 webinars that will give an introduction to the basic challenges and issues related to water quality. The purpose of the WQ Webinars is to raise awareness of the importance of water quality and introduce participants to the main challenges to the quality of our water resources. Throughout the webinar series, a number of case studies from around the globe will also show how some of these challenges have been addressed. WQ Webinar series are implemented in cooperation between the UNEP-DHI Partnership and DHI.

You can now register for WQ Webinar session #5. Confirmation email containing direct link to your session will be sent to your mailbox after registration.

The topic of the WQ Webinar #5 is Water Quality Management and Regulation Tools. Presentations will discuss management and regulation tools for managing water quality, such as licensing, financial instruments, as well as modelling and monitoring tools. Webinar will also touch upon the broader frameworks for water quality management, such as the importance of monitoring mechanisms under the Sustainable Development Goals and national WQ assessments.

More information about this and other webinars in the series, as well as links to registration and recordings, can be found on UNEP-DHI’s website at http://www.unepdhi.org/wq-webinars.

For more information contact: Maija Bertule at [email protected].