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NDC Support


Date and time:
- Europe/Berlin

In response to decision 1/CP.19 and 1/CP.20 97 per cent of Parties communicated an intended nationally determined contribution (INDC). The COP mandated the secretariat to provide an update of the synthesis report of the aggregate effect on INDCs, which was published 2 May 2016.

Furthermore, the Paris Agreement, adopted at COP 21 and signed by 180 Parties, requires each Party to prepare, communicate and maintain their nationally determined contributions (NDCs). Each successive NDC will represent a progression beyond the Party’s then current NDC and reflect its highest possible ambition. The secretariat was mandated to develop an interim NDC registry until the modalities and procedures are negotiated. This interim registry was introduced at a side event at the May sessions 2016 in Bonn.

The Agreement emphasizes the importance of cooperation to reach the goal to keep the global temperature rise below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue further efforts to limit the rise to 1.5°C. Implementation is the immediate priority. Parties have started at looking at identifying and implementing measures to meet the objectives of their INDCs/ NDCs. The secretariat is involved in several initiatives to enhance cooperation and support to developing Parties to meet these targets.

In line with the decisions 1/CP.19, 1/CP.20 and 1/CP.21 the series of webinars will inform interested Parties and others of:

  • Messages and findings from the synthesis report on the aggregate effect of communicated INDCs
  • Sharing information on the NDC cycle
  • International efforts to support the implementation of NDCs
  • Sharing information of the adaptation component of the INDCs

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