Introduction to Waste Management and Climate Change

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- Europe/Paris
Bariloche Foundation

This webinar will address the relevance of the waste sector to climate change and the main challenges related to waste management in developing regions. During the seminar, experts will address the impacts of climate change on the waste sector, as well as the vulnerability and potential contribution of the waste sector to mitigation and sustainable development. Different technology options will be presented, highlighting the most common barriers faced by developing countries when using these technologies and how public policies can help to overcome these barriers. The seminar will be focused on developing countries, and will also include a discussion on the most successful lessons learned from developed regions. The webinar is organized by CTCN Consortium Partner, Bariloche Foundation and will be presented by Dr. Atilio Savino, President of ARS-Association for Solid Waste Studies, National Member of ISWA in Argentina, and an Honorary Member of ISWA-International Solid Waste Association. Previously Dr. Savino served as President of ISWA, Secretary of Sanitary Health Determinants-Ministry of Health of Argentina, and Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina-National Ministry of Health and Environment. He was the organizer and President of the COP 10 and Vice-President of COP 11. Dr. Savino currently serves as the Director and Professor of Diplomacy on Urban Waste Management at the University ISALUD in Argentina.