Introduction on Technologies for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Water Sector

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22 April 2015 - 7:00 pm CEST
Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center

Join our CTCN Consortium Partner, the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Centre (CATIE) for this introductory webinar on technologies for adapting to climate change in the water sector.

This webinar will present a wide range of soft and hard technologies that offer opportunities to increase resilience to climate change impacts and to better manage water resources. The aim is to provide information on the most relevant technologies for adaptation to climate change in the water sector, particularly through the diversification of water supply, increase of groundwater recharge, preparation of extreme events, resilience to water quality degradation, improved storm water control and capture, increase of water conservation, etc.

The webinar will start with a short video of a study case in Peru, providing examples of different technologies used in a community to adapt to climate change. After a short introduction on climate change and its impacts on water resources, the presenter will describe each technology and provide guidance towards the use and implementation of each technology. The webinar will also emphasize how each technology contributes to climate change adaptation, as well as its barriers and opportunities. 

About the presenter

Fanny Brenes is an agricultural engineer with environmental and hydrogeology management specialty. With over more than 10 years of experience, she manages the MB Òkãmã Corporation SA, specializing in developing investment and cooperation projects related to water and environmental engineering issues. Currently she is a professor and researcher at the Tecnológico National University (TEC), teaching hydrology, climate change, groundwater hydraulics, river engineering, soil management and conservation of soil and water classes. As well as an international consultant for the Costa Rican Petroleum Refinery (RECOPE) and the UNDP related to water engineering and environment, climate change and development projects, amongst others.

The webinar will have a duration of one hour, followed by 30 minutes of "questions and answers" between the participants and the presenter. The webinar will be conducted in English. Questions during the "question and answer" period may be submitted in English or Spanish.