ECO ltd Webinar:Low-carbon climate resilient project development (an introduction to good practices)

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08 June 2016 - 5:00 pm > 6:30 pm CEST
Eco Ltd

In this webinar, Grant Ballard-Tremeer, founder and director of Eco (a member of CTCN), presented the elements of good practice in low-carbon climate resilient project development. He introduced a project development framework that incorporates a wide variety of project design features to accelerate technology transfer. These include targeted climate technology transfer policy dialogue and technical assistance packages; market and technology assessments and barrier analysis; and sustainable energy and climate financing approaches. Grant explained the benefits of using a comprehensive project development approach. Senior consultants Seth Landau and Cynthia Page then highlighted the application of best practice tools including market system mapping, barrier categorization and stakeholder consultations, and financial model development. The webinar drew on case studies from Armenia, Uganda and South Africa.

The presentation was followed by an interactive question and answer session with the audience.


Dr Grant Ballard-Tremeer, Founder and Director of Eco

Grant has over 20 years of professional experience in the sustainable development, climate change and sustainable energy sector. Grant works in numerous countries in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia for a wide range of international, government and private sector clients such as the EU, World Bank, EBRD, AfDB, UNDP, UNIDO and GIZ. He specialises in the fields of project design, focusing on market assessments and strategy development.

Grant is a mechanical engineer with a PhD in cooking and energy access, and a Masters in Environmental Management and Policy. He is on the board of the HEDON Household Energy Network ( an informal network with over 3,000 members worldwide.

Seth Landau, Senior Consultant

Seth has 15 years of experience in organisational and project development, with experience in Eastern Europe and the CIS, Africa and East Asia. Seth works on a range of low carbon climate resilient issues, and develops market assessment reports and country analyses, conducts technical and financial analyses, prepares project proposals and develops work plans for a variety of international organisations and private companies. He has led the development of a number of project proposals, project reviews, reports, and studies for the GEF and for other donors.

Seth holds a Master’s degree in Environment and Development, and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences and Engineering.

Cynthia Page, Operations Director and Senior Consultant

Cynthia has over 15 years of experience in international sustainable development encompassing low carbon climate resilient project design; portfolio development, management and monitoring; and quality assurance and reporting. She has a focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport and adaptation, and has worked extensively with UN Agencies, multilateral development banks, NGOs and the private sector on market analysis, strategy development, and project and programme development.

Cynthia is a chemical engineer with a Master’s degree in business administration, and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in chemical and environmental engineering.

Introduction - Eco Ltd 

Eco is a boutique management consultancy specialized in the design and formulation of low carbon climate resilient projects. Since 2000, Eco has worked with a wide range of international clients such as the AfDB, IFC, World Bank, UNDP, UNIDO, EBRD, GIZ and the European Union. Eco has designed over 250 projects in 82 countries across Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. In developing projects, Eco assesses markets; designs financial, technology and other strategies; and then formulates projects.

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