Earth Science Cafes. A bridge to the future: Royal houses and youth leaders restoring landscapes

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- Europe/Copenhagen
Network of African Women Environmentalists (NAWE)

The Network of Africa Women Environmentalists (NAWE) is launching a new initiative called the Earth Science Cafes. Each café event will be theme-based with an overall objective of “Connecting Science to Society” based on recognized and respected scientific reports, evidence and background data. 

TIME: 12:00 GMT - 13:00 UK - 15:00 Kenya

This webinar will highlight how intergenerational dialogue between landscape mentors and guardians can empower young environmental advocates who support communities to realize the future they want.

Join the Landscape Ambassador, HRH The Prince of Monaco, to hear how royal houses are actively working on the restoration of natural environments. The UNEP Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) showed that traditional, indigenous and lands managed by royal estates are degrading the least and we will therefore discuss what role royal institutions can play in sustainable management of landscapes.

The organizers has also invited four Youth Leaders who have agreed to become Landscape Guardians in the NAWE “Adopt a Landscape” campaign and one of the Landscape Mentors. 

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  •  HRH The Nnabagereka: The Queen of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda, Kingdom of Buganda (soon to be Patron of NAWE), Uganda
  • HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco (postcard shared)


  • Ms. Nora Berrahmouni: Senior Forestry officer, Member of NAWE, Focal point for RAF, Climate Change/ Green Climate Fun, Secretary to the African Forestry and Wildlife Commission, FAO Regional Office for Africa (RAF), Ghana
  • Ms. Catharine Watson: Chief, Program Development, World Agroforestry, ICRAF, Kenya


  • Siyabulela Siya Sokomani: Green Entrepreneur, Co-owner of Shoots and Roots Enterprise, Co-Founder of Township Farmers and AFR100 Youth Ambassador, South Africa
  • Allen Ottaro: Executive Director for Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa (CYNESA), Kenya
  • Oladosu Adenike: Nigerian Founder of Lead Climate, Initiator of Fridays For Future movement in Nigeria, Eco-Feminist working on the Restoration Agenda around Lake Chad and the Sahel, Nigeria
  • Vanessa Nakate: Young Environmental Activist, Founder of Youth for Future Africa and the Rise-Up Movement, Uganda

Event Facilitator - Dr Sheila Ochugboju, Africa Knows

Recording of the event will be circulated after the event and posted online