CTCN/Milepost Consulting Webinar: Advancing Community Resiliency through Energy Efficiency

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10 August 2016 - 7:00 pm > 8:30 pm CEST
Milepost Consulting Inc.

Meeting energy demands through reliance on fossil fuels has a negative impact on the climate. According to UNFCCC (2007 report), the cost of hurricane impacts has increased by two orders of magnitude in the Caribbean basin in the last 20 years, and hurricane intensity is expected to continue increasing. Renewable energy generation is the answer for replacing carbon-intensive energy generation, but there is concern about the ability of renewables to meet current and future energy demand. Combining renewable energy technologies with energy efficiency technologies and behavior changes can close the gap between clean energy supply and energy demand. Energy efficiency can also reduce current energy demands from fossil fuel generation and can serve as the bridge as renewable based generation replaces fossil fuel based generation over time.

Energy efficiency is both a mitigation strategy and an adaptation strategy. It consists of two areas of focus: efficient technologies and human behavior. Designing programs that engage large populations in practicing energy efficiency behavior can provide increased stability for current electricity supply (load balancing) and reduce overall electricity demand, allowing communities struggling with energy issues a chance to better prepare for changes in energy supply – whether caused by climate impacts, natural disasters, or by a transition to renewable generation.

This webinar focused on sharing best practices and successful experience in designing energy efficiency programs to create maximum returns on efficiency investments.


Sabrina Cowden, MBA

As a Senior Project Manager for Milepost Consulting, Sabrina has worked with a diverse range of clients, including Pacific Gas & Electric, Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge and the Tennessee Valley Authority.  From Indonesia to Indiana, she focuses on using innovative engagement techniques to guide diverse groups toward creative, strategic solutions. Sabrina's career has included human resource management, residential utility engagement, crisis communication and speech writing, executive coaching and strategy support as well as event planning. She has facilitated sessions for the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance and the Garrison Institute Northwest Hub and presented to the Association of Energy Service Professionals.  Prior to joining Milepost, Sabrina was Program Director and Founding Executive Trainer for the Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps. She began work with Climate Reality in July 2006. Over the course of her time with the Leadership Corps, she was responsible for strategic development, managing both domestic and international staff, logistics, event program development as well as forging relationships intended to strengthen and expand Climate Reality’s message and the Climate Leader community at large. Sabrina holds an MBA from Lipscomb University located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Michael Roy, PhD

Michael received his PhD in 1992 and went on to become an academic in the field of conservation biology, working at the Universities of London, California (Los Angeles), Copenhagen and Otago in New Zealand where he served as a senior lecturer for seven years. Michael moved to Panama in 2003 where he worked at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute as a visiting professor. Michael founded the non-profit CREA and became its full time executive director in 2005, and worked on projects funded by USAID, The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and The Panama Canal Authority, amongst others, to develop sustainable agricultural and environmental protection programs in Panama. In 2007 Michael founded the Cocobolo Nature Reserve, a personal project that protects 1000 acres of rainforest in central Panama where he developed an education and research center powered by renewable energy.


Milepost Consulting, Inc. is a private sector institution established in 2006 with the mission to facilitate activities to transform the way organizations prioritize and take action to become socially and environmentally responsible. Milepost Consulting continuously strives to develop and apply practical, well-tailored and sustainable solutions for clients. It supports companies investing in programs that result in lasting change for the better, including sustainable return on investments.