CTCN/DE Webinar: Risk Mapping for Climate Change Adaptation – Using Open GIS Data and Tools in Order to Build Resilience

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30 November 2016 - 4:00 pm > 5:30 pm CET
DE Design and Environment Inc.

There is a distinct need for decision makers to be able to understand the risks that climate and environmental changes bring such that they can make informed choices about development and socio-economic security. We are now in the era of open data and there are many resources that can be used to construct GIS (Geographic Information System) models to help us understand the impacts of environmental changes.


DE is a design and environmental consultancy and technology company based in Vancouver and Montreal. The mission of DE is to solve problems using design and environmental science. DE has worked throughout the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The DE team has deep scientific and technical skills in the area of environmental analysis, impact assessment, and data integration. Over the past 5 years DE has worked with groups such as the IADB, IICA, the GEF, and the UN, on various climate change mandates.


David Oswald is a designer and environmental scientist with 15+ years experience in environmental analysis and cross media design.  As founder of DE (design-environment.com), he has built an interdisciplinary team that brings deep expertise in environmental science and creative design to the most pressing environmental challenges on the planet.  He studied at the University of Waterloo, Royal Roads University, and McGill and holds a B.Sc in Environmental Science (RRU) and a M.Sc. in Physical Geography (McGill) and is a nominated Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.  He is Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University and specializes in remote sensing, environmental impact assessment, integrated environmental analysis, and communications design.

Trevor Smith is a geospatial analysis and open data specialist. His graduate research drew upon the fields of viticulture, regional climatology, geographic information science, and climate change analysis and modelling. He is also a passionate advocate for citizen science, interactive web mapping, Free and Open Source solutions, community economic development, environmental governance, and the climate justice movement.  Trevor channels his interests and passion into the work done at DE and the result is top-notch risk mapping and integrated environmental analysis.