CTCN/CPCS webinar: Towards financially viable business models - The case of green minigrids

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Renewable energy
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Economics and financial decision-making
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Renewable energy
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- Europe/Copenhagen
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Green minigrids are an increasingly popular option to bring electricity to remote communities. However, many past minigrids projects failed to achieve financial viability. They either stopped functioning, or require continuous injection of subsidies to maintain their operations. The webinar drew lessons from these failures and proposes solutions to design financially sustainable minigrids.


The webinar was organised by CPCS together with African Solar Design (ASD).

CPCS is a management consulting firm focused on strategy for transportation, energy, and PPPs. The work of CPCS in the energy sector mainly comprises power sector restructuring, transaction advisory, and the project development. CPCS has a wholly-owned subsidiary focused on developing renewable energy projects in Africa.

African Solar Design (ASD) is a leading Kenya-based renewable and rural energy company that provides a range of services in the energy sector, with a focus on engineering and technical support for renewable energy and energy access solutions as well as clean energy advisory services including market analysis, policy development, technical training and capacity building, business model development, rural energy access and financing, project management and strategic planning. The expertise of ASD includes all facets of project management, from technical and commercial studies of renewable energy options to project feasibility, energy audit, system design, equipment tenders, installation, and after-service support including monitoring and evaluation. 

Short profile of the presenters:

  • Jan Grabowiecki, Principal Consultant at CPCS, is an economist and financial analyst for transportation and energy projects with a focus on Francophone Africa.
  • Clara Kayser-Bril, Principal Consultant at CPCS, is a specialist of sustainable access to electricity from a technical, economic and institutional perspective.
  • Mark Hankins, CEO of ASD, has been working in rural electrification and renewable energy in East and Southern Africa for over 25 years, and is a leader in development and execution of rural energy and energy access projects in Africa.