CTCN/Black Soil webinar: Mechanizing climate resilience in agriculture – The case of smallholder farmers in Paraguay

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Agriculture and forestry
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Sustainable fertilizers
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22 March 2017 - 3:30 pm > 5:00 pm CET
Black Soil

Black Soil provides innovative agricultural extension services, combining the application of starter fertilization and water into the furrow at the time of sowing by its own machine that can be retro-fitted to any existing seed drill. The solution increases seed germination rates, makes farmers independent of rain for optimum sowing windows, increases root development and hence drought resilience, as well as increase biomass development and hence reduces evapotranspiration. Results on over 15,000 hectares sown show increases in productivity of 15 – 30% for industrial farmers while significantly cutting fertilizer application, by 40 – 60%.

In the first and main part of the webinar, Black Soil presented the basic technology forming the solution, studied results which support it and presented two concrete examples from family and industrial farming in Paraguay and Argentina respectively. Black Soil also presented its mapping services which allow to geolocate clients served.

In the secondary part, Black Soil lay outed the resulting data of client plots, sowing dates and seeds and presented formulas which are available in digital form and can help to strengthen policy initiatives and financing, especially for smallholder farmers.


Black Soil is an innovative agtech company providing a service that combines starter irrigation and liquid fertilizing at the time of sowing. Its solutions have been tested at commercial scale in a variety of climate conditions for a broad range of crops. Black Soil's services ensure stronger root and drought resilient plant development and hence support increased food safety and security as well as climate-resilient and ecosystem-efficient sowing. Black Soil works with governments and private farmers directly.


Lucas Talamoni, founding Chief Executive Officer of Black Soil

Lucas is supervising the business development initiatives of Blacksoil, product development, business operations and strategic alliances as well as HR. He is constantly between Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina where the company has had its major impact.

Christoph Jungfleisch, Chief Financial and Information Officer

Christoph has built a career around promoting sustainable development and harnessing smart communication and information technology solutions for scalable green investments and finance. He joinded Black Soil in January 2016. He is currently focusing on developing the internal norms of Blacksoil, streamlining internal reporting structures and overviewing the financial planning.