CTCN/AEC webinar: AEC Systems Change Methodology

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12 July 2017 - 5:00 pm > 6:30 pm CEST
Advanced Energy Centre

The objective of the AEC is to break down systemic barriers that inhibit the adoption of innovation.  One of the major challenges in the energy industry is the complex nature of the dynamics between higher levels of government (e.g. provinces, states or national governments), large utilities, regulators, system operators, and the private sector (as large suppliers, consumers, financiers and innovators).  Each of these actors tend to act rationally from their own perspective, however, the decision-making that results from this convolution is often suboptimal. 

In response, the AEC has developed a “systems change playbook” that lays out a clear methodology for tackling this issue, unlocking new potential in order to effectively facilitate the transition taking place in the sector.  By examining the trends and drivers of change in the industry, and then walking through real-world experiences and examples, participants will gain an understanding of how a “systems change” approach is critical to design and implement lasting solutions in the energy sector, and quicken the adoption of innovation as a result.


The Advanced Energy Centre (AEC) is a public-private partnership with the mission of fostering the adoption of innovative energy technologies in Canada, and leveraging those successes and experiences into international markets. The AEC works with over 150 Canadian ventures in the cleantech and energy sectors, actively developing partnerships that will help bring their technologies to global markets. Within Canada, the Centre works to identify and remove systemic barriers to the adoption of energy innovation. The AEC is a part of MaRS Discovery District, one of the world’s largest urban innovation hubs.


James Larsen, P.Eng., MBA

James Larsen is the Director of Business Development at The Advanced Energy Centre. Prior to joining The Advanced Energy Centre, James was a Management Consultant with Bain & Company, developing strategic solutions for market-leading companies.  James also spent many years as an engineer working in the renewable energy industry with a variety of technologies, including hydrogen fuel cells, as well as micro-hydro and geothermal generation.