CTCN webinar: CTCN Technical Assistance Bidding - Practical Guidance to Climate Technology Network Members

Webinars facts

28 February 2018 - 4:00 pm > 5:30 pm CET
Climate Technology Centre and Network

CTCN provides Technical Assistance in response to requests submitted by developing countries through their National Designated Entities (NDEs). CTCN does not provide funding directly to countries, but instead supports the implementation of Technical Assistance by its network and other partners through an open bidding process.

As a first step upon receipt of such requests, the Climate Technology Centre quickly mobilizes its climate technology experts to design a customized solution tailored to local needs. The implementation of this customized solution is done through the Network members and other partners which are selected through a competitive bidding process as per the UNIDO procurement rules.

The Climate Technology Centre informs all its Network members about Technical Assistance bidding opportunities and the Network members are welcome to submit their bids for specific Technical Assistances using the UNIDO procurement portal.

In order to facilitate better understanding of the bidding process and bids submissions, the CTCN organized a webinar on this relevant topic. During this webinar, the Climate Technology Centre provided detailed insights on how to submit the bids for Technical Assistance using the UNIDO procurement portal. This webinar was conducted by officials from UNIDO’s Procurement Services Division.


Perry Duran has been working with UNIDO since 2012. His main functions are to provide technical assistance with regards to using UNIDO’s SAP procurement module for both users within UNIDO and those from organizations engaging with the UNIDO online bidding portal.