Coastal management technologies for climate change adaptation

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07 October 2015 - 4:00 pm > 5:30 pm CEST
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

This webinar will be presented by CSIR, member organization of the CTCN Consortium. At the CSIR Coastal Systems group, specialist skills in Coastal Engineering, Geographic Engineering systems and Numerical modelling are combined to assess and map vulnerable coastal ecosystems in order to develop specific adaptation measures and coastal protection options to mitigate the physical impacts of global climate change. Failure to understand the linkages between the biophysical Earth systems and the Ecological, Socio-Economic and external governance systems, within which man operates in the coastal zone, can spell disaster for even the most robust development or business.

A few case studies will be showcased related to the highly interrelated study area of coastal safety and vulnerability, climate change and setback lines for the South African coast. These studies will showcase examples of state of the art mathematical and engineering technologies with the strategic research directions of harnessing wave energy, operational oceanographic forecasting (early notification systems), coastal erosion and sedimentation and working with nature for ecosystem health in and around South African ports. This presentation will also mention some of our clients and partners in academia and industry, both nationally and abroad and how together we can mitigate a sustainable future. Understanding the coastal environment is crucial for safety, sustainability and coastal development in a data poor environment and this is what the Coastal systems within the CSIR group specialize in.

About the speaker:

Dr Christo Rautenbach is a senior researcher in the Coastal systems group of the CSIR. He completed his BSc at Stellenbosch University and also his BSc Hons and MSc with distinction at the University of Stellenbosch. He afterwards completed his PhD in Norway where he set a new record for the amount of papers published during a PhD and also for the fasted completed PhD during the history of the University. Currently Christo is specialising in Coastal vulnerability and erosion (sedimentation and morphology), forecasting and Oceanographic numerical modelling.