The CTCN conducts a series of Regional Forums to provide opportunities for NDEs and Network Members to meet and discuss some of the key issues of the CTCN and share experiences. Participants discuss linking CTCN technical assistance with financial mechanisms and institutions that are relevant to Climate Technologies, and identify matchmaking opportunities, share experiences on the use of CTCN Technical Assistance and ideas for national and regional requests, and receive an update the CTCN Knowledge Management System. The events represent opportunities for NDEs and Network members to interact and strengthen their relationship with representatives of key financial institutions, regional Consortium Partners, WIPO, CTI PFAN and others. Newly established NDEs also have a chance to receive an accelerated training on the CTCN and its services; NDE roles and responsibilities, and processes to submit requests for technical assistance to the CTCN. To learn more, have a look at upcoming and past regional forums

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