Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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NDE Training Workshop for Eastern European and Middle Eastern countries


17 June 2014 - 19 June 2014 CEST

Key documents


Session 1 - Opening

Session 2 - The CTCN

Session 3 - Linking CTCN activities with national priorities and mechanism under the Conventions

Session 4 – CTCN Services

Session 5 – NDE roles

  • Presentation on NDE roles
  • Presentation from the Albanian NDE

Session 6 - Stakeholder Engagement and National Consultations

Session 7 - Mainstreaming gender into CTCN activities

Session 8 - Establishing and Nurturing Networks

Session 9 - Open session with CTCN Director

  • Presentation on Establishing and Nurturing Networks

Session 10 – NDE Manual

  • Presentation on the Request-Response Process (generating and submitting requests, request processing and implementation, monitoring and evaluation)
  • Group Exercise on Filling in the Request Template
  • Narrative for Adaptation Request
  • Narrative Mitigation Request

Session 11 - Discussion on NDE needs and priorities

Evaluation and closure


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