Focal Point and Expert Meeting on Green Technology and Access to Sustainable Financing in the Arab Region


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04 March 2019 > 06 March 2019 CET

The Climate Technology Centre Network (CTCN) and the Economic Commission for Western Asia (ECWA) Technology Centre (ETC) in cooperation with the National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Lebanon organized a meeting to support countries to access technical and financial opportunities in the Arab region. The meeting was attended by 51 representatives from 15 ESCWA member countries from academia, research institutions, ministries, industry, NGOs, international and regional organizations. 

The meeting brought together national focal points for the CTCN (National Designated Entities), of the Green Climate Fund (National Designated Authorities), ESCWA representatives, regional experts and researchers. The objective of the joint meeting was to discuss green and climate technology deployment and access to finance as key means of implementation (MOI) to accelerate the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) achievement and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) implementation in the Arab region.

Specific objectives of the meeting included to:

  • Enhance understanding of green/climate technologies and innovative financing as outlined in Goal 17 of the SDGs focusing on agricultural / food sector (with related other sectors e.g. water & energy sectors), and on conflict waste management in the Arab region
  • Support countries in identifying and deploying technologies to achieve the climate targets included in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the Climate Convention, in the context of the Paris Agreement
  • Discuss mobilizing the available technical assistance and financing for technologies and technology transfer introducing the available funding opportunities for the Arab region
  • Review options on a way forward to promote the adoption of green technologies and innovative financing taking into account gender and youth perspectives as well as creation of job opportunities
  • Discuss further collaboration between Arab countries, ESCWA and CTCN in the areas of technical assistance, networking and knowledge sharing.

The participants discussed the importance of investment and technical assistance for the transfer of green technology in the Arab region, including in the field of energy, industry, water and agriculture, and the management of the remnants of war and occupation. The representatives from CTCN as well as the National Designated Entities of Tunisia and Palestine presented technology transfer stories from the region. 

The workshop covers the following thematic:

Theme 1: Green technology transfer and adaptation in the Global Processes. Introduction of the main International mechanisms and agreements:

  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Paris Agreement
  • Addis Ababa Action Agenda

Theme 2: Green Technology transfer in the Arab region, aspirations for better future

  • Regional scene: discuss Arab countries SDGs implementation and analysis of NDCs of participating

  • Available green technologies to support achievement of Goal 12 on SCP including the agricultural

    /food sector (with related other sectors e.g. water & energy sectors) and conflict waste management -

    thematic experts
  • Case studies of ongoing / successful technology deployment in the region

Theme 3: Mobilizing national and international funds for Inclusive Green Growth Investment in the Arab


  • Mapping of finance flows: where are the gaps. Barriers faced by countries to trigger funding and

    investments in their priority sectors.
  • Reviewing the role of regional private sector in green growth financing
  • Tapping the international Investor to review sources of capital and financial instruments.

Theme 4: Coordination and financing pipeline at national level to ensure technology deployment

  • Enhancing linkages between Technology Mechanism, the Financial Mechanism of the Convention at

    the national level, and other climate initiatives
  • Matching technology potential with country priorities, including identifying transboundary and

    common priorities in the region

The ESCWA Technology Centre (ETC) is a specialized regional centre established in 2010 and hosted by the government of Jordan at the Royal Scientific Society in Amman. The main objectives of the Centre are to strengthen the capabilities of local, national and regional stakeholders operating in member countries to develop, transfer, and adapt technology; and improve the legal and commercial framework for the transfer of such technologies. The Centre also aims at enhancing the technological and scientific knowledge content of major economic sectors in member countries.

The meeting resulted in key messages and recommendations that ESCAW will take into consideration to formulate a set of options on how best to scale up green and climate technology deployment and access to finance as key means of implementation (MOI) to accelerate the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) achievement and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) implementation. 

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