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CTCN at COP26. Dialogue on Gender, Innovation and Technology


09 November 2021 - 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm CET

16:30-18:00 GMT Action Room 2 

Innovation and technology can greatly improve the effectiveness of climate action and also provide opportunities for addressing gender inequality. However, women benefit less from technology and innovation, are underrepresented in the development and find it harder to access technologies that respond to their needs. 

For instance, less than a third of employees in research and development (R&D) are women,1 less than a third of the jobs in the renewable energy sector, mostly non-technical positions, are held by women,2 innovation hubs globally average less than 10 percent participation of women3 and one study showed that women found it ten times more difficult than men to secure investment for their technological innovation.4 

Women’s engagement in (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) STEM is vital to ensuring an adequate labour force can drive the successful transformation towards climate friendly and resilient economies. Moreover, it is known that greater diversity leads to greater potential for innovation and disruption well as greater diffusion of innovations.5 Besides enabling women and other social groups and communities previously excluded to actively shape the development and role-out of climate technologies it must be ensured that these enable equal uptake, participation and equal distribution of benefits.   

The aim of this event is to discuss the status of women’s participation in climate technology development and innovation processes and reflect on ways to ensure gender-responsiveness of adaptation and mitigation technologies. 

Partners: Co-hosted by the Technology Executive Committee, Climate Technology Centre & Network, Facilitative Working Group of the LCIPP, with assistance from the UNFCCC secretariat. 


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