Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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COP25. Building countries capacities to develop and implement their climate technology solutions


09 December 2019 - 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm CET

As the policy arm of the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism, the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) works to help Parties and stakeholders in promoting awareness of technology issues and addressing climate change through technology development and transfer.

Following the adoption of the Paris Agreement, the TEC considered it important to first address the observed lack of common understanding among various stakeholders on what “endogenous” means. In 2018 the TEC conducted a survey and released a report featuring stakeholders' views gathered on elements and features that could be used to describe endogenous capacities and technologies. 1 This work showed the importance of having a shared understanding of the concept “endogenous capacities” and “endogenous technologies” among stakeholders, in order to effectively discuss how endogenous capacities and technologies can be developed and enhanced.

The TEC in 2020 will continue to work on this topic specifically to identify and analyze needs, challenges and gaps and enabling environment to promote endogenous capacities and technologies.

Set in this context, the dialogue has the two-fold objectives:

  1. Gather the perspectives of broader audience and technology stakeholders on the elements and features of endogenous capacities and technologies

  1. Exchange views and discuss enabling environments, ways and measures that can facilitate countries in building these capacities

The dialogue will be guided by a moderator and take a format of a panel discussion and interaction with the audience. The panel will represent expertise and perspectives of countries, technology practitioners, technology observers, and UNFCCC constituted bodies and mechanisms.

Facilitator: TEC member


Welcome by Moderator

Adelle Thomas, TEC member


Technology under UNFCCC and a short introduction of the TEC findings

Dinara Gershinkova,TEC Chair


Capacity building under UNFCCC

PCCB Co-chair


Moderated panels discussions with the following guiding questions:

  • What is your understanding of endogenous capacities and endogenous technologies?

  • How building endogenous capacities and technologies will contribute to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement?

  • What are the needs, challenges, and possible measures to be put in place (enabling environments) to build the capacity of countries to develop their endogenous technologies?

  • Rose Mwebaza, Director of CTCN

  • Trupti Jain, Director of Naireeta services, developer of award-winning endogenous technology

  • Jerome Ilagan, Climate Change Commission of the Philippines

  • Saleemul Huq, Director of ICCAD

  • Katya Kuang-Idba, GEF

  • Ayman Cherkaoui, Executive Director, Global Compact Network Morocco


Final summary/wrap-up by the moderator


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