Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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COP24. Knowledge Sharing for Climate Technology Cooperation


05 December 2018 - 1:00 am CET

13.00-14:30, Korean Pavilion
Organized by the Green Technology Center Korea

The role of information systems is growing in the global management of countries, corporations and organizations. The information system supports global executives to make decision-making efficiently. In recent years, the global business environment has required rapid collection and analysis of vast amounts of data, extracting appropriate information, and exchanging information across national borders as needed. While information systems may change the global business environment, they provide new opportunities such as improving efficiency in technology cooperation and improving accessibility to matters. Information systems also play an important role in climate technology cooperation.

The participants will discuss the role of information systems for promoting climate technology cooperation, ways to improve the information system to support climate technology cooperation and share information system operation cases supporting climate technology cooperation. 

13:00~13:05 Opening Remarks, Chair
13:05~13:25 Climate technology cooperation and the role of information systems, CTCN
13:25~13:45 Development and role of Korea's Climate Technology Information System (CTis), GTC
13:45~14:05 Experience in operating WIPO Green, WIPO Green
14:25~15:00 Discussion and Q&A

Cross-sectoral enabler:

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