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COP23 event: Endogenous technologies and the Natural Capital. Cross-sectorial capacities for adaptation


13 November 2017 - 1:00 am CET

15:00 – 17:00, Mali Pavilion, COP23

Endogenous technologies are the first climate technologies, developed through millennia by indigenous communities in response to climate, natural resources and local needs. Historically, they embraced a diverse range of sectors, from infrastructure and water management, forestry, agriculture to the built environment.  This side event will bring together case studies with the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism and Capacity Building practices.

•    Introductions
Dr John Matthews - Coordinator and co-founder of Alliance for Global Water Adaptation AGWA (Moderator)
•    Opening Remarks
Tomasz Chruszczow – Chair of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation, UNFCCC
•    Keynote 
Mrs Mme Kéïta Aïda M'Bo - Mali’s Minister of the Environment, Sanitation and Sustainable Development

Presentations and Discussions  

•    The Natural Capital and Endogenous Technologies. Global overview. 
Dr Sandra Piesik – Architect, Director of 3 ideas Ltd, CTCN Network Member  (Convener)
•    Economic Impact of Endogenous Technologies. Senegal. 
Mr Libasse BA – Economist, Programme Coordinator at EDNA Energy based in Dakar (Senegal). CTCN Consortium Partner
•    Endogenous Technologies and Climate 
Mr Biranta Diarra, Director of Meteo, Mali, TEC Member 
•    UNFCCC Technology Mechanism. Opportunities for Adaptation of Endogenous Technologies
Mr Jukka Uosukainen – CTCN Director



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