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Tamkar Gas Equipment Company

Country of registration:
No.58, SH.Babak Bahrami St., Vali Asr Ave., Tehran 1968644513, Iran
Relation to CTCN:
TA proponent
Type of organisation:
Private sector organization
Sector(s) of expertise

Tamkar Gas Equipment Co. was established in 2000 with the aim of localizing the technical knowledge and manufacturing of the equipment in energy by a group of entrepreneurs in the different parts of industrial sector.These collection are the obvious symbol of private sector participation in industrial growth, employment, Iran's economic development, further efforts in order to the flourishing of the industrial and intellectual potential of this land.Since the localizing the technical design and manufacture of industrial equipment has always been the policy of all subsidiary companies of these collection. For this purpose, TGEC has been tried to endure the hardships of production compared to imports and pay theexorbitant costsof buyingtechnology step on the path to Industrial independence homeland. Brilliant background in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of more than 350 CNG fueling stations throughout the country, development of CNG refueling stations in medium and small Sizes, manufacture of high pressure compressors, manufacture ofhigh pressure heat exchangers,adsorptiondriers, Separators, instruments, which bring about Iran enter to alternative energy area, and also drillingequipment in order to achieve theirultimatestrategy, industrial independent of Iran .The combination of board directors and directors are treasure trove of experience and specialized knowledge in the areas oftechnical,operational, commercial and industrial has undeniable effect in logical decisions with respect of the fundamental interests of the organization and clientele including contractors, employers, and buyers.

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