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  • Soil moisture monitoring


    Soil moisture monitoring is critical for managing water resources in an efficient manner. This applies to both irrigated and rainfed cropping systems. Water is increasingly becoming the most limiting resource needed to meet the food and fiber needs of a growing and more affluent population. Soil moisture monitoring can e.g. be used as a tool to assist irrigation scheduling. Irrigation management gives better crops, using fewer inputs, which increases profitability. Soil moisture sensors help with irrigation decisions.

  • CTCN Regional Forum for NDEs of Asian Countries

    Monday, September 2, 2019 - Tuesday, September 3, 2019 Asia/Bangkok

    The new Technology Framework and the need for accelerated actions was the focus of the CTCN Asia Regional Forum held 2 to 3 September, 2019 in Bangkok Thailand.  As expressed by Mr. Ping Zhong, CTCN Advisory Board Member, ‘We see fires in the Amazon and Siberia, record breaking temperatures in Western Europe and the Arctic Circle. These facts demonstrate that climate change isn’t a threat, it’s a reality.’