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Ernst & Young Nigeria

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10th & 13th floors, UBA House, 57 Marina , Lagos- Nigeria
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Private sector organization
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EY is one of the world’s leading professional services organizations. Through our global network of 728 offices in 150 countries comprising more than 276,000 staff, we are united by a single operating structure and a common culture of innovation and knowledge sharing. We provide focused teams who are dedicated to meeting our client’s needs through the seamless combinations of skills relevant to each assignment. This unique “One-Firm” approach qualifies the people of EY to serve clients by bringing together any of the more than 20 competencies which transcend geographic borders and organizational lines. Our people are organized into 29 Regions and 4 Areas. Globally, EY has presence in Europe, India, Africa, Middle East, Japan, Asia Pacific, Canada, South America, United States, Mexico and Central America.

This high level of homogeneity in the way EY professionals work means that all offices within EY provide services of the same quality. It also supports and facilitates real-time communication and collaboration among Team Members, regardless of their location. Building international, multicultural and multidisciplinary teams is thus a seamless practice within EY.

EY has created an integrated Climate Change & Sustainability Service line (CCaSS) to help organisations meet the many challenges arising from numerous strategic environmental issues and the fast growing, international environ- mental regulatory framework. 

Thanks to our global presence and knowledge-sharing environment and the resources that it offers, we are able to reach out to more than 700 professionals, all dedicated topic experts in sustainability over 40 countries. Their local networks will help to collect and validate data related to local expertise and knowledge; contacts both with decision makers, subject matter experts and the wider business community.  

Our areas of expertise are the following:

  • Policy and program evaluations
  • Strategic support to the development of environmental public policies and development of methodological tools
  • Climate change strategy
  • Project assessments
  • Implementation of projects
  • Definition and implementation of sustainable development strategies
  • Elaboration of sustainable development strategies
  • Environment, social and sustainability reporting and communication
  • Environmental and social audits
Global expertise: