Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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3 ideas B.V.

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Keizersgracht 463B, 1017DK Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Private sector organization
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3 Ideas Ltd is an award winning consultancy specialising in technology development and transfer, architecture, design and cultural research. The consultancy was initially created in response to the need to preserve regional cultures, which are fast disappearing under the pressures of globalization.

Technology Development and Transfer, Renewable Resources

Since 2004 research, development and deployment work carried out on date palm leaf architecture technology transfer led to modern adaptation solutions scalable to 46 desert countries. 3 Ideas Ltd delivered the first global review of indigenous technologies carried out in respect of climate zones of the world and the potential for their adaptation today. The review of 197 countries with contributors from over 50 countries is due to be published in Autumn 2017 in an encyclopedia: Habitat: Vernacular Architecture for A Changing Planet by Thames & Hudson.

Biodiversity, Eco-systems, Agriculture and Technology Transfer

A paradigm of agro-ecosystems of date palm oases understood in the wider context of economic and cultural ecosystems through transfer of knowledge and technology in the desert regions has been developed in collaboration with research partners and presented to UNCCD.

Socio-Economic Assessments, Linkages Between Rural and Urban Areas

Co-creator of Urban and Rural Areas Resilience Programme aimed at evaluation of existing oasis cities and their symbiosis with rural areas in order to propose solutions for economic growth, jobs and resilience building presented during COP22.

Expertise in: traditional knowledge systems, the contribution of science and technology to innovation, socio-economic assessments, technology development and transfer, adaptation and mitigation, strategi evaluation of projects and solution driven assessments.