Type: Strategic Document
Topic: Livelihoods
Country: Global

The smoke from traditional stoves and campfires has been a silent murderer in developing countries for a long time. Although there are significant signs that the industry is at a key moment, a joint and coordinated strategy is required to develop a thriving market for stoves and clean to maximize these opportunities and transform the sector fuels. The Global Alliance for Clean Stoves has been at the forefront of recent efforts to catalyze a revolution in the sector and mobilize national and senior donations towards the goal of universal adoption of cleaner fuels stoves and commitments. Their ambitious goal in ten years to encourage the adoption of cleaner fuels stoves and 100 million homes by 2020 has mobilized the support of a wide variety of private, public and nonprofit stakeholders. By providing guidelines for joint action and measurable results that can literally change completely the lives of nearly three billion people worldwide, Sector Strategy will promote a unified vision for the sector while creating a common sense of commitment between all stakeholders in the most critical actions required for the universal adoption of stoves and cleaner fuels.