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ManagEnergy was launched in 2002 under the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. Over the past 3 years it organised 45 capacity building workshops in different Member States and 33 networking events, in which stakeholders involved met and interacted at the European level.

The "new" ManagEnergy initiative 

The new initiative will start in June 2017, to continue assisting actors working on sustainable energy at the local and regional level. Energy agencies will have the unique opportunity of enhancing their role of project developers, aggregators and facilitators for public authorities.

In the next 3 years the "new ManagEnergy" initiative will organise Master classes and peer-to-peer coaching to raise the skills of local and regional energy agencies in energy efficiency, financing and project development.

A first Master Class is expected to be held in Brussels by the end of 2017, so call for applications should start after summer.

A completely new website, supporting the new initiative, will be available in the next months. In the meantime you can consult the archived version of the ManagEnergy website

For more information, contact EASME's energy efficiency team.