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Water management adaptation measures: a contribution to adaptation to climate change in the Andes

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B. Doornbos
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Lessons learned from nine case studies of experiences in water management and adaptation to climate change, implemented by member organizations of the Project on Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. The case studies are: Natural Heritage Reserves (Bolivia), Dam and irrigation system in Ch'iyara Qhochi (Bolivia), Multi –purpose lagoons in Pampa Redención (Bolivia), Píllaro irrigation system, Tungurahua (Ecuador), Safety strips for aquifer recharge, Cochabamba (Bolivia), Flood risk management at the municipal level, Cochabamba (Bolivia), Water Forum of Ecuador (Ecuador), Management and conservation of soil and degraded areas, Cochabamba (Bolivia) and Protection and management of springs, Cusco (Peru) The case studies seek to answer the following questions: to what extent these experiences can be considered as adaptaiton measures to climate change and climate variability? And, what would be missing for these proposals and practices to be considered as such?