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Status of hazard maps, vulnerability assessments and digital maps

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J. Opadeyi
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In 2002 that Grenada did not possess any hazard maps other than the ones produced in 1988 on hazards risk assessment of town and villages in Grenada, which had pinpointed the locations of hazard occurence.

This project dealt with the identification of hazards in six major areas (St.George's, Grenville,Victoria, Gouyave, Sauteurs, Tivoli) and two other areas (St Paul and the St David parish) in Grenada. It was prepared for work between the OAS-Department of Regional Development and the Government of Grenada.

The hazards identified in the study sites were hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, erosion, landslides, rockslides, wave action, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

The at risk elements of infrastructure were transportation, communication, services, public buildings and facilities, education, energy and warehouses.

Risk assessment maps were prepared for each location, where the hazard was located as a point occurence on a map of 1:12,500 scale, and a magnified version of a 1:25,000 scale topographic base map. The maps, done manually, were based on field visits, aerial photography, reports and interviews.