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Risk and Disaster Management. A Gender Perspective

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J. M. Y. Vaval Surema
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Why is it important to design disaster control and environment management policies with a gender perspective? Haiti is a disaster prone area in the Caribbean. It is important to design projects and policies that are effective and sustainable. In order for them to be so they need to take gender issues into consideration. The role that women play in environment management in Haiti is very important, although invisible sometimes. As a consequence women have a potentially important role in the management of risks and disasters. Whenever women have the necessary information, they produce food or use energy in a way that has the least impact on the environment. For this reasons, it is important to integrate a gender perspective in risk and disaster management policies. In order to achieve a sustainable development process, it is necessary for the state to create alliances with civil society and to build strategies that include gender responsive actions like revision and amendment of gender discriminating laws, inclusion of women in bio-economic activities, and promotion of new sources of energy.

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