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Newtonian Shift: Business Strategy Simulation for a Transitioning Energy Sector

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The Newtonian Shift: Business Strategy Simulation for a Transitioning Energy Sector

The energy sector is changing. With the ever increasing adoption of disruptive technologies, evolving customer expectations and the emergence of new market entrants – we are in the midst of a major transition. Companies that recognise and embrace this shift will nd success as valued, innovative solution providers.


The Newtonian Shift is a unique business strategy workshop. Unlike insights delivered through traditional conferences and board meeting formats, participants actively experience sector change. This room-sized board game simulates multiple years of energy sector transformation in

one day. Participants explore the complexity and dynamics of this transitioning sector from multiple perspectives: private customers, large energy consumers, communities,
suppliers, new market entrants and government.

They have the opportunity to test alternative business models, as well as new ways to remain competitive and build new revenue streams in a changing energy landscape.

The session combines evidence-based analysis and
facilitated debrief sessions to extract new insights into
the evolution of the electricity system over the coming decades.
It sets the stage for a dialogue around innovation, new alliances,
the evolving needs of customers, and how your organisation is preparing for the opportunities this transition will bring. This intimate and interactive business strategy session has already been successfully delivered to energy players across Europe and North America to prepare for a transformed energy sector.

The Advanced Energy Centre has now engaged approximately 400 sector
leaders across North America in these sessions. Each session facilitates between
20-30 participants, and can be delivered internally to a single team or across an entire organisation. It also provides a unique and neutral setting to engage other organisations (e.g., regulators, policy makers, municipal representatives, utilities and partners).

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Jesika Briones, Manager International Programs