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Geothermal Resources Development Act Uganda

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Alan Baguma, Innocent Kihika (Shonubi Musoke & Co), Richard Metcalf (Norton Rose Fulbright) and Paul Zakkour (Carbon Counts)
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An Act to regulate geothermal exploration, development and production; to empower the Geothermal Resources Department of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development to participate in the development of geothermal resources and to regulate the licensing and participation of private entities in geothermal activities; to provide for an open, transparent and competitive process of licensing; to create a conducive environment for the promotion of exploration, development and production of Uganda's geothermal resources potential; to provide for efficient and safe geothermal activities; to provide for the cessation of geothermal activities and decommissioning of infrastructure; to provide for the payments arising from geothermal activities and for related matters.